Harmonizing voices: François Laruelle and Anthony Paul Smith

Anthony Paul Smith, Mark William Westmoreland


The following interview of Mark William Westmoreland with Anthony Paul Smith - well-known scholar and translator of François Laruelle - considers both implications and extensions of Laruelle's non-philosophy for contemporary thought. Smith has helped bring about a surge of interest in Laruelle due to his many translations of his texts as well as being the author or co-editor of several books on Laruelle. Discussed are in particular the difficulties and joys of translating and the usefulness of Laruelle's thought for Smith's own work, especially in environmental and animal studies. Also considered are some themes of non-philosophy, the adaptability of Laruelle's thought for various disciplines, as well as new paths for Laruelle studies - new, unforeseen landscapes and uses of non-philosophy - that explore social phenomena such as race, racism, sexism, victim a.o.


Laruelle, translation, continental philosophy, race, ecology

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.25180/lj.v19i2.91


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