Copyright Agreement

After acceptation of the paper, the author has to sign a Copyright Transfer Agreement granting to Labyrinth and Axia Academic Publishers the exclusive copyrights for the online and printed editions, and to deal with reprint requests from third parties. 

On special occasions, articles and studies published in Labyrinth may be republished in textbooks or collective works of Axia Academic Publishers as well as translated and published in other languages.

By submitting a paper to Labyrinth, you implicitely agree with these conditions. 


Sharing and Republication

The right to share a paper does not include the right to republish it in a third party serial publication, collective work, book, textbook etc. Under no circumstances is it allowed to republish a Labyrinth article in any third party journals or collective works, printed or online. However, Labyrinth will grant permission to the author for the following:

●  To incorporate his/hers article or parts of it in a future single author book publication by giving appropraite credit
●  To incorporate his/hers article or parts of it in his/hers dissertation by giving appropriate credit
●  To republish, after taking written permission from the Editors, the article in other languages by giving appropriate credit